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Pendulum Swing 3D Component AS3

Pendulum Swing 3D Component AS3


This is Actionscript3 version of component. AS2 version available here:



If your are flash designer who like to work on timeline this is exactly for you. Easy usage component for pendulum swinging effect in 3D with custom texture/movieclip and few extra features.

Compile size – 4.5kb – excellent for banners.


Install MXP file via Adobe Extension Manager (successfully tested on CS3/CS4), or use component provided with FLA file in this package.


Drag & drop component from components window to stage and set parameters:

  • movieclip to swing (linkage class name from library)
  • animation duration (in frames)
  • number of swings
  • perspective focal length
  • horizontal and vertical alignment of movieclip in 3D


  • animated movieclips are supported
  • no actionscript coding needed to use it
  • you can use nested buttons or input textfields inside source movieclip (they will be activated after finishing animation)

Usage via pure actionscript:

Optionally, it’s possible to handle Pendulum Swing 3D via pure code:

import net.chamboow.PS3D.PS3DComponent;

var myPS3D = new PS3DComponent();
// movieclip source class
myPS3D.sourceMC = "movieclipClass01";
// duration of animation
myPS3D.durationFrames = 30;
// number of swings
myPS3D.numSwings = 4;
// horizontal align (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT)
myPS3D.hAlign = "LEFT";
// vertical align (TOP, MIDLE, BOTTOM)
myPS3D.vAlign = "TOP";
// focal length
myPS3D.focalLength = 800;
// set strictly width to
myPS3D.forceWidth = 400;
// set strictly height to
myPS3D.forceHeight = 100;
// add to display list
Documentation in PDF (usage screenshots attached):


Package includes:

  • MXP extension with component
  • 3 demo usage examples (same as in preview above)
  • SWC file (compiled component)
  • FLA file with compiled component in library
  • FLA file with full source (includeing .AS files)
  • Documentation in PDF file (with screenshots help)