Photo Gallery - Resizable Album Grid XML

Photo Gallery - Resizable Album Grid XML

Photo Gallery – Resizable Album Grid XML

We have made the HTML5 version of this gallery so if you are interested you can check it out at this link

This is a complete and advanced AS 3 .0 XML driven, Resizable Image / Photo Gallery, Album Grid with Slideshow & Thumbnails, Fullscreen and with many other advanced features. It’s perfect for presentations, for anyone that want to obtain a great impact on their visitors, perfect for photographers and programmers.

This product also includes the source files.

No Flash knowledge required for setting up this gallery. Everything can be set from a external XML file making it very easy to update and maintain.

This gallery it’s resizable adjusting after the browser or embed window size. This means that everything will look the same on each resolution and your photos will appear the same for all your visitors, also you can embed it at any size that you wish and the gallery will adapt based on the embed window size.

This product can be embedded in WordPress, Joomla or any kind of HTML content. Photo Grid Gallery Features

The entire color theme can be changed
The thumbs can have any size you want, in this way you can use any type of image format for the thumbs and big images
Advanced thumb grid positioning
Advanced thumbnails navigation, there is some complex math that is handling the thumb navigation
Advanced scroll bar for the thumbs
Full screen button, this can be enabled or disabled
Maximize / minimize support for the big images, this can be enabled or disabled for each image individually
Set the transition length between images in seconds
Auto play option for the slide show feature, this can be enabled or disabled
Set the slide show delay in seconds until the next image will load
In the HTML embed code you can pass the path to the configurable XML file and in this way you can have multiple instances of the gallery with a single .swf file, there is an example and basic documentation in the download sources (FlashVars)
OOP code

Many other cool features!

Along with this product you receive a help file explaining how to set it up. Enjoy! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.