PhotoBooth - Webcam image capture - ActiveDen Item for Sale
Update: 23/02/2013
  • A new and improved documentation. Click here to view it.
  • Updated Java code.
Update: 9/06/2012 – Version 1.2
  • There was an error popping out when the watermark tag was removed from XML. Now that is fixed.
  • Added the ability to change the image size. You can now setup the output image width and height through the XML code.
  • Added .jsp file for those with Java servers.
  • I have added more comments to the ActionScript code. I believe it’s better explained now.

This application allows you to take webcam photos and save them on a server. It’s XML based so you can easily customize it. If you want you can create different configuration XML files for a site with different languages (example: config_en.xml; config_it.xml etc), and choose through flashvars witch XML to load.

You’ll need a server with ASP or PHP support (both ASP and PHP files are included in this pakage)

  • Fully XML customizable.
  • You can change the output image size.
  • Checks the number of cameras connected to your machine and if you have more then one, a panel will pop-up with a drop-down allowing you to choose the camera you want to use.
  • If you have no cameras connected, an info message will appear (message can be modified though XML).
  • In case you didn’t allow your webcam to be used by the application, an error message will pop-up and let you know you can’t use the application without allowing the camera to be used. There is also a button, when clicked the Privacy panel will pop-up.

Here you can see how the XML file structure looks like: