photographer's portfolio template (as3, xml)

Please REDOWNLOAD the template, many updates has come. Enjoy the new design and functionalities, and feel free to send me an email for any questions/problems.

This template is very useful for any photographer who don’t want to learn flash, and need just a simple way to customize very easy his flash website. Here you can see some of the main features.

Main Features:

  • Fully customizable; XML driven;
  • Mp3 player supports unlimited number of songs with multiple functions; also many options from xml like changing colors, autoplay first song etc..;
  • Menu with 2 levels xml – can load external swf; link to an external URL or browse to a frame label;
  • 4 powerful xml driven external modules; for each module you can load an external background image;
  • Logo – path and position x,y by XML;
  • Very easy to use and very well designed for any coder;
  • Full OOP , design very easy to change;
  • Each module have a help page
  • AS3 file, opens with Flash CS3; help file and comments in the code included;
  • The fonts used in this template included;

Slideshow Module:

  • Fully customizable XML driven
  • Unlimited number of image
  • Slideshow function
  • Colors from xml, same for preloader

About Module:

  • Fully customizable XML driven
  • Scroller full OOP
  • Html text and images, managed by xml.

Portfolio Module:

  • Fully customizable XML driven: covers for categories, thumbs and images;
  • Categories colors same managed from xml, even for roll over and roll out;
  • Automatic slideshow feature
  • Unlimited number of categories and images

Contact Module:

  • Full contact form
  • Easy to change any info
  • PHP file included; ready to use