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Photographr - AS3 Template with XML and Tumblr CMS

Photographr - AS3 Template with XML and Tumblr CMS

update 21.07.2010 mac only loading bug fixed.

Photographr – As3 Flash Website Template with an XML and Tumblr CMS , Full Deeplinking, Google Maps, 3D Banner Rotator and more. This template’s news and photo section take their content from the above Tumblog. As you can see the template filters the content into two seperate modules, by post type. This can be controlled by xml settings, but could just as easily have taken contentfrom seperate Tumblogs for each module .

Content Tumblr Blog: flash-photographr.


  • Upload your portfolio content via Tumblr.com
  • Fully deeplinked using swfaddress.
  • Splash page with logo and 5 high quality multi-use modules
  • New Image or Swf background per menu item, plus background overlay pattern swatch.
  • Image or swf logo.
  • Custom modal window to view large Tumblr images.
  • 3d Banner rotator with animated shadow, image info and links.
  • Optional header image per menu item.
  • 2 custom designed statistic widgets and 1 client testimonial widget, all customisable via XML .
  • Press module supports image or text or slideshow sub items.
  • Any piece of content with a deeplink can be linked to either from inside the template of from the web.
  • Integrated Google Maps with variable maype type, geocoding and optional placemarker puls controls.
  • Integrated contact form with editable “thank you” auto reply email.
  • 200+ XML Settings to help you customize!
  • Profile / CV / download link in contact module.
  • External SWF and Main Menu link support.
  • MP3 music enabled, with XML playlist.
  • Slim minimal design.
  • Liquid Layout.
  • Tidy and fully commented code.
  • Easy to understand AS3 Flash IDE code, not object orientated classes.(OOP)
  • 33 page pdf help file is included which explains all xml settings and options.


  • Tumblr module (News and Photo Modules) take content from any tumblr blog.
  • Use the module multiple times each one loading content from a different blog.
  • Set post type filters, set the module to only load photo posts, or post type combinations.
  • Supports Image, Quote, Link and Regular* post types only.
  • Maximum number of posts which can be loaded is 50 (Tumblr restriction).
  • External SWF ’s must take care of their own positioning and resizing.
  • The content of all module except the Tumblr Module (News and Photo modules in preview) is defined in the XML files.
  • Due to the 3D features of this template, Flash Player 10+ is required to view the website.
  • Adobe Flash CS4 or later is required to open and/or edit the flash files.
  • The contact form requires server which supports PHP .
  • To use the google maps section of the contact module an api will need to be obtainer from google. You can do that here.
*Flash supports a limited number of html tags.


All images in tumblr photos module by digitalpimp.

Images used under a creative commons attribution 2.0 license.

Flickr photostream digitalpimp

All images in 3d banner and tumblr news module by milena_mihaylova.

Images used under a creative commons attribution 2.0 license.

Flickr photostream milena mihaylova

All other images are either my own or are courtesy of Photos8

The best public domain photos site.

The amazing 3d banner module in this tempalte is designed and developed by the talanted modular web. The item is called the piecemaker and can be found here : Modular Web -Piecemaker. This item is used under an open source MIT licence.

Thus module has been modified to animate the shadows, hide/show shadow, ajust positioning of the item, and thus varies from the item available to download from the above link. So use the enclosed 3d banner, rather than the downloadable version.

Music from the ActiveDen assets library.

Fonts are AUdimat(Free) and Myriad Pro.