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Photoshow XML Template

Photoshow XML Template

Please Note If you’re interested please check out my BLADE XML Template which is this gallery with a whole lot more features…

Photoshow XML Template is a Photo Portfolio template. It has a Fluid Flash Layout and if an image is too large it will resize it to the users screen size automatically. Images can be up to 2800 by 2800 pixels. It is easy to set up and doesn’t require Adobe Flash or any web design knowledge to use. It works using XML files which can be edited using notepad or similar program, you’ll be set up in minutes.

FILE Features
  • Fluid Flash Layout – Style for any Resolution
  • Background Auto Size – Try Resizing Your Browser
  • Gallery Images Auto Size – Try Resizing Your Browser
  • Any Size Photo – Will resize and auto smooth your images
  • MP3 Player
  • FLV Video Player(See thumb 2 in first gallery)
  • Comes with PHP contact form
  • Comes with Help file and fully commented FLA

    XML Features
  • Change site colours and text colour
  • Set Background Blur
  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Set FLV size
  • Built in MP3 Player with Autoscroll
  • Turn off bottom bar, MP3 player, Extra photo info
  • Add company details with HTML formatting
  • Add image details with HTML formatting

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