PHP AS2 Email, Mailinglist signup form with data capture

You can view a live demo here:

The Current Demo is saving to XML that you can view here:

Flash & PHP Knowledge Required – Basic

This file will allow you to create any email or mailing list sign up form.

The Flash is AS2 and is very easy to add new fields.

Validation is also very easy to add to additional fields.

The PHP allows you to send TXT or HTML mails to the admin and the sender. Notification can also be turned off very easily.

The data can also then be saved in 3 forms:

XML- A sample xml doc is supplied, you can use this to plug into your site or for any other use such as subscribers or donation amounts, the xml is very easy to change as the php will build nodes in a loop, which you can change to suit your structure needs.

CSV – This is a common text format for importing email addresses and with this file you can constantly keep a record of all your mailing list subscribers and port between many different mail clients.

The php is logically separated into 3 files and every single line of code is commented and I do mean every line.

The form itself is very easy to skin and takes CSS style variables for colour for border, bg and focus states.

As always I offer full support with all my files so if you have any queries at all or want me to modify the file in any way you can contact me.