PHP Contact form with radio button & check box V2

This is a PHP ready Contact form with multiple recipients support. Through which a visitor to your site can send his details, query and message to you, and those details are Posted to your e-mail account.

  • The Contact form is in a form of Movie-Clip so just drag & drop it into your project
  • Multiple Recipients support, you can choose departments or mail id where you intend to send your mail. E.g.; if your mail is finance related it would go to the finance department, if it is admin related then the mail would be sent to the admin department. By default it goes or treated as general. You can add or remove category if required.

  • The Fields in the contact form are properly validated; you cannot enter any number in the name field and you must have to enter @ and . in the E-Mail field before you can submit the form, similarly you cannot enter alphabets into number field of the contact form

  • The Contact form contains mandatory fields which has to be filled properly before you can submit the contact form
  • Proper Success/ Failure caption on submitting the contact form

  • The contact form contains text input fields, number input fields, radio buttons and check boxes

  • To configure the PHP mailer of the contact form with your e-mail id you just need to open the PHP mailer file and change the mail id to yours, where all mails would be redirected.

  • A fully documented Help file is included in the downloaded version of the PHP contact form.

  • Codes used in this contact form are properly commented

Required: PHP Support on the Server
Note: This contact form won’t work offline it needs to be online in a PHP Supported server
the preview version is a dummy one.