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I’ve first embedded this form into my server at www.nexuscreative.com/Kozmo

(please wait for the loading, and then go to Contact Us)

and it worked.

But when I transferred to my client’s server – www.kozmopets.com

The form couldn’t work. Any ideas? The sending wouldn’t finish, but after a while it will go off, and I received a mail with blank particulars.



Never mind. You’re a bit too slow to respond, I’ve found the solution myself.

hi i boaght the compnent but it is not working

i changed the mail to my mail and just draged your files to the server see the link to the form http://www.feist.co.il/preview.html

see link to the phpinfo


whats wrong

tnx eitan

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This is something very cool stuff that you have. but after downloading the zip file I couldn’t see any XML file. Can you please check and reply? Or just email me the XML file. Without that file I cant even proceed.


— Nash


There is no XML with this file. You must edit formSubmit.php to set your email address. Read the help file.

Hi Digital

Please help.

I have copied all relevant files as stated to the root folder of my project, the only script I have updated is where to send the email.

When I try locally I get “Sending…” for a bit then it just clears, no success or fail message.

When I try on my client’s server I get “PHP error!”

I have contacted the client’s host and php is enabled.

I went to question 12 of your FAQ after reading through all messages here, it said to access phpInfo.php on my server, i assumed this was done by just entering phpInfo.php after the url, i get a huge table of info that means nothing to me but looks like php is working as the host said.

I am gutted as I bought yours because it said I just have to drag and drop and change an email address, please help, I have bought files from you before and hope to continue to do so.

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WHY YOU DID NOT WROTE THAT AS2 .0 IS USED ? I spent 6$ for nothing now…


It says AS2 in the file info, top right.

Compatlble with PHP versions 5.3, 5.4, .5.5 ?

Compatlble with PHP versions 5.3, 5.4, .5.5 ?


It’s a very basic PHP script, so yes.