PixelJunkyard’s Slides Pro is the last image showcase you will need.
XML Image gallery with tons of High-End customizable features.

You can easily turn and accordion gallery to a basic image showcase. Create rounded corners and don’t even worry about having to set the size on the HTML .

Check out some examples here.

    The package includes:

  • Facebox to open your images in a light box overlay window.
  • Div Resize Javascript that automatically adjusts your flash gallery to the required size to show all content.
  • Rounded corners to match your custom style.
  • Apply borders to it with alpha transparency. With any color you choose.
  • Pick from accordion style or basic image fades
  • Set time for slides from the xml.
  • Allow arrows for image skipping
  • CDATA to allow custom hyperlinks and styling of Titles and Description.

And the features go on and on…
All these options can be easily accessed from the xml document.

The swf automatically expands the html div where it lives to best fit the size of the swf set from XML .

Extensive and detailed documentation.