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plus Template (16 modules and 7 widgets)

plus Template (16 modules and 7 widgets)

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Why is this Template Different from others?

The template is similar to all other templates, it supports xml data, xml customization, submenus, xml modules, images , videos, music player….
What’s new in it is its intelligent system. You can literary build the website you desire.
How is that? Simply the template supports widgets. You could add unlimited numbers of widgets to the stage via xml and build the website; In addition to that, the template already comes with build in widgets : music players, xml news reader, swf loader, image loader, videoPlayer, youtube widget ,and text Fields. Each widget is highly customizable. With these widgets you can build any homepage and website you design,

Does that mean that my homepage can’t be a swf(flash) page?
Definitely not! You can add a swf widget and load the homepage!

General Information:

  1. Supports Deep Linking
  2. comes with 16 Modules
  3. Comes with 7 widgets
  4. Extremly Customizable
  5. Commented
  6. Supports Videos in most pages
  7. 24+ PDF file


  1. Content module
  2. Background Module
  3. About page modules
  4. Image viewer/ Gallery Modules
  5. Video Gallery
  6. Simple Video Player (reel)
  7. YouTube player
  8. YouTube gallery *new
  9. News reader Modules
  10. Team showcase Modules
  11. Work/portfolio showcase Modules
  12. Services page
  13. Contact us Modules
  14. SlideShow/ banner modules
  15. Mp3 module
  16. Social networks module
  17. External Swf module


  1. Xml News reader
  2. Swf loader
  3. Image loader
  4. Text holder/text fields
  5. Video player
  6. YouTube Video Player
  7. Banner/slideshow showcase

The template comes with a very strong help pdf file to help you design the webiste you’ve always wanted. More than 24 pages!

CONTACT FORM FIXED , email me to get the new version until my update is accepted at activeDen

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