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Portfolio Website [modular]

Portfolio Website [modular]

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Full XML website – this is a template that supports modules.

Each of my modules will be uploaded to FlashDen on separate folders, as new files, which you will be able to drop in the deploy folder. The only file that will need to be edited will be modules.xml, where you can add an external link or a swf file. You can have as many modules/sections as you want.

Inside the source folder you will find the source files for the website. This is the main file that controls the menu at the top of the website, used to load different modules in.

The MODULES folder contains some sample modules I provided, with source files as well. These are: work (video player + thumbs), slideshow (gallery with external links), contact (comes with php files), about (dynamic).

You can select the module number to start the website with too, in modules.xml ::: startModule=”0”

The file you need to modify is thumbs.xml – it contains the thumb for each video, the image for each video, the description of each video and also the video. Note you need to set the folder at the top of the XML. This is done so that it keeps the video images separated from the other modules.

You can also change the videos.xml file – this is the place where you customize the player for all projects. You can set the video sound, the buffering text color and some other colors as well.

Slideshow (Photography)
The slideshow is pretty straight forward. You need to edit the slideshow.xml file in order to add/remove images. You can also set links to the images, and set the slide to loop and to play automatically. Remember you can have the website start with this module if you want to, in modules.xml

About (Bio)
This file comes with an html that you can easily modify (about.html) Note there is a CSS file included as well. (scrollbar.css)

There are two files contact.php and contact.html

You will need to edit contact.php to add the email address used to send emails, and the email address where to send the emails to.

Contact.html contains the text at the top of the module.

The other modules I added are external links. As long as you keep adding new modules, these will align in a grid. In modules.xml you can set the type of the module.

If the link is a new swf, than set ( target=”_swf” ). It it’s a link, than set either _self or _blank.

The name at the top of the menu can be changed or removed inside Actions.as.

Please get in touch for any questions.

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