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Power Book

Power Book

This is a versatile yet easy to use and configure AS3 Flip Book application – XML driven
You can create all your pages directly from the XML , loading their background and content from external images or swf files, add text with links, add a background music, contact and share windows, create a summary, load multiple books... and much more!

You can add as many pages and books as you want, and there are so many options you can easily set to configure your book content and appearance.

VERSION : 1.30
[ SWF + SWC + Standalone app (mac&win) ]
[ AS3 – Flash player 10 – FLA : Flash CS4 + CS5 ]


  • Very customizable and fully XML driven, no Flash authoring needed
  • Set the page size as you want (vertical, landscape, etc…), or set it to auto, to match your images/sources
  • Support for JPEG , GIF, PNG and SWF —all with dynamic and smooth resizing
  • Video support (flv, f4v and YOUTUBE ) with built-in controls and fullscreen mode
  • Support for right to left book reading (eastern countries style) and adjustable page numbering
  • Area modules, to add rectangular interactive areas on your pages (book page link, external link or JS callback)
  • Deep linking
  • Easily add a background and multiple interactive logos
  • Optional background audio (single mp3 song) with play/mute button
  • Automatic slideshow mode
  • Summary and Page thumbs viewer
  • Fully configurable interface from the XML , with possibility to disable its elements, change their color and transparency, set tooltips and enable sound effects
  • Embedded fonts and css stylesheet support
  • Comes also as a swc component, to easily add it in another Flash application
  • Detailed 35 pages pdf manual, well commented code and easy to modify fla
  • SFXs and DEMOs included

DEMO SONG : Passing By
(you need to buy it from AudioJungle if you want to use it in your books)

WHAT WILL YOU GET (that most of the other flip books does not have):

  • Multiple books support
  • A complete multi-level Summary
  • A Login feature (to limit the access to your books)
  • Zoom feature with separate source files for each page
  • A standalone version (win&mac) and the swc
  • Area modules
  • Videos with YouTube support
  • Deep Linking
  • Quick books definition mode
  • ...and a very usable interface! ;)

global options


07-Apr-12 [v.1.30] new LIBRARY feature, to include multiple books in the same Power Book instance; possibility to set the BOOKS XML files path also in the global xml, with the new Books node; new BACKGROUND mode option value: “fit”, to scale the background to fit; new BOOK options: “Background” node to specify a different background for each book, ”page_corners_active” can now take the values: true, false, top or bottom, new PAGE option “corners_active”, to activate/disable the corners differently for each page, new PAGE option “slideshow_time”, to specify a different slideshow time for each page; AREA MODULES : ”text”, to write a text within the area module, ”padding”, to specify a padding for the text, ”title_size”, to set the size of the title text, possibility to specify “mailto:” as the link_url; TEXT MODULES : ”padding” can now take 4 different values for the top, right, bottom and right spacing (just like CSS ); new SUMMARY option “color”, to set the background color of the summary column; support for transparent PNGs images as the background; moved the book option “rtl_reverse_text” to global XML ; Twitter icon updated; other small fixes and improvements

14-Feb-12 [v.1.25] new LOGIN feature (to allow a protected access to your books, or to some of their pages); ALL PAGES VIEWER : new options “columns” and “padding” to customize the thumbs grid; PAGES COUNTER : new type value “toolbar” to show it in the middle of the toolbar; new BOOK options: “preload”, to let you choose how many pages to load at start (instead of all), “rtl_reverse_text” to automatic reverse all the texts (useful for rtl languages), “shadow_book_inner_doublepages” to automatically disable the inner book shadow for the double pages; improved support for RTL languages, new option “window_title” for Contacts, Share, Print and Info; HINTS : added the option “open_at_start” to show the first hint as the book starts; new FLASHVARS /SWC options: “xml_cache_busting”, to make xml cache busting optional, “paths_swf_relative” to disable the adding of the swf url to all of the paths, register JS callbacks (SWC only), to disable the registration of the JS callbacks; improvements in the swc for a bettter integration in Flashbuilder/Flex projects, other small fixes and improvements

08-Dec-11 [v.1.22] possibility to call PowerBook functions from JS callbacks, automatically re-opens summary if left open while entering zoom mode, stop slideshow if video starts, added first page preloader, other small fixes

24-Nov-11 [v.1.2] possibility to load YouTube videos as VIDEO modules content (new “id” attribute), new pages and video modules option “disable_global_audio” to temporarily disable the global audio playback, new AREA modules with internal and external links and JS callbacks features, new ZOOM advanced mode (with the new “zoom_control” interface node) to let the user to adjust the zoom factor manually while viewing a page, new “padding_top” and “padding_bottom” book options, possibility to have the pages counter below the book like in zoom mode; TOOLBAR : possibility to change color and alpha to base and buttons (with the new “toolbar” Interface node), possibility to have interactive and animated swf pages now also for double pages, video modules also for double pages, new “show_form” option for the Share and Contacts windows (to remove the email sending form), “open_at_start” option also for the Info window, added the possibility to call PowerBook events (to access application functions like opening a window or starting the slideshow) directly from the pages source swf, added the standalone EXE and APP files in the package, fix for the use of absolute paths, other minor fixes and improvements

07-Aug-11 [v.1.1] videos (flv and f4v) support (with the new VIDEO modules), possibility to resize page content to fit (new “pages_resize_content_mode” Book option), possibility to have pages border only around the book and not in-between (new “border_between_pages” Book option), new Book option “pages_counter_offset” to shift pages numbers, new interface pages_counter “text_of” Global option, new “pagescounter_min_digits” Book option; other minor fixes and improvements