Power News - twitter, rss and xml news reader

This is a very versatile yet easy to install and configure NEWS READER application.
You can feed your own news from a Twitter account, and RSS feed, or write your own XML with your custom news.
You can add as many news as you want… there are many options you can easily set to configure your news content and graphical appearance.

[AS3 – swf: Flash player 10 – fla: Flash CS5 + CS4 ]


  • SWF (for the web) and SWC (to use in another Flash or Flex project) included!
  • Very customizable and easy to install and configure… no Flash authoring needed!
  • Multiple feeds sources: Twitter, RSS and custom XML
  • Unlimited news
  • Vertical or horizontal layout, and autoscroll function
  • Preload animation
  • Auto refresh feature
  • Embedded fonts (Myriad Web font included)
  • Detailed PDF manual (6 pages) and many usage examples included

NOTE : for a Twitter feed a PHP enabled server is required


You can set all these options (through FlashVars or through the Component properties panel):

  • content_newsType
  • content_newsURL
  • content_newsCount
  • content_useAgoNewsDate
  • content_newsTextMaxWords
  • content_newsLinkFrameId
  • content_refreshEvery
  • autoScroll
  • autoScrollTime
  • autoScrollPauseOnRollver
  • autoScrollContinuously
  • layout_type
  • layout_liquidStage
  • layout_align
  • layout_maxWidth
  • layout_maxHeight
  • layout_padding
  • layout_tagsDistance
  • layout_fadeAreaHeight
  • layout_showDate
  • layout_showScrollArrows
  • layout_showSummary
  • layout_showReadmore
  • layout_showTwitterAvatar
  • layout_showTwitterAuthorId
  • layout_tagsAlpha
  • layout_tagsColor
  • layout_tagsMinHeight
  • layout_interfaceAlpha
  • layout_interfaceColor
  • layout_textColor
  • layout_titleColor
  • layout_linkColor
  • layout_textSize
  • layout_titleSize


07-Mar-12 [v.1.3] new “content_refreshEvery” option to let you choose if the news must automatically refresh after x seconds, new “layout_liquidStage” option to disable the liquid stage feature and so to let the application scale together with the html page if needed, new “layout_showTwitterAuthorId” option to show also the Twitter author name, new “cache_busting” option to disable the automatic XML cache busting feature, improvement in the swc usability inside FlashBuilder, other minor fixes

13-Aug-11 [v.1.25] new “content_newsLinkFrameId” option to specify where to open the news links (title and readmore button), other minor fixes

3-Mar-11 [v.1.2] new horizontal layout feature (with the new option “layout_type” that replaces the “layout_fluid” option), new layout_tagsMinHeight option, minor fixes and improvements

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