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POWER ROTATOR - AS3 XML banner slideshow

POWER ROTATOR - AS3 XML banner slideshow

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This is a powerful yet easy to use and configure AS3 banner rotator, which means that you can “rotate” (automatically or not) a gallery of images or swf inside its content as in a slideshow.

[AS3 – swf: Flash player 9 – fla: Flash CS3 ]

SEE ANOTHER USAGE EXAMPLE: demo 2 screenshot

interface styles


  • CUSTOMIZABLE and fully XML driven
  • Support for JPEG, GIF, PNG and SWF—all with dynamic resizing (to “fill” or “fit” or “no resize”)
  • Perfect for ADVERTISING: smart random function with “fairness” check, passages option and history
  • AUDIO support: load an mp3 as global rotator background, or play single audio files for each different banner (with loop and delay settings)
  • FLUID LAYOUT support. Easy also to use the rotator at the size you want… no need to recompile the swf.
  • Fully configurable INTERFACE (visibility, position, spacing and auto hide) with: play/pause, next, prev, audio toggle and timer.
  • KEN BURNS effect (with zoom, panning direction and time)
  • 10 different transition effects!
  • Global VECTOR MASKS: you can mask your banners loading the masks from external swfs (with animation too)
  • Fully configurable CAPTIONS: set text (also with html formatting), fonts (embedded fonts support), color, transparency, shadow, padding, etc…
  • JAVASCRIPT CALLBACKS support, to control the rotator from an html page. ONLINE DEMO
  • OVERLAY layer (image or swf) above the banners, with the options to control its position, size and transparency, and to set a link with caption for it
  • Silent banners loading while showing, with preload
  • Runtime error check with messages: XML not found, banners not found and XML malformed
  • Detailed pdf manual and commented code
  • Usage examples included


very soon! [v.1.60] support for fluid layouts (automatic update of the dimension and interface elements positions), new framerate option, new passages option, global audio stops automatically at the end when banners_loopSlideshow is set to “no”, fix for banners_folder in case of absolute paths

21-Oct-09: [v.1.52] fixed an issue with embedded fonts that created differences when compiling the swf on Windows rather than on Mac

15-Oct-09: [v.1.51] added captions_disableBannersLink option, policy check enabled for image loaders to allow loading of banners from an external server, minor fixes

05-Oct-09: [v.1.50] no more need to recompile the swf to use the rotator at different sizes, added small interface style, banner file attribute no more mandatory (possibility to have a banner with no image), ken burns effect with smart random, minor fixes

17-Sep-09: [v.1.46] added kenBurns_time option to set the time (and so the speed) of the movement, added kenBurns_pauseOnSlideshowPause option, added banners_restartTimerAfterPause option, audio toggle button now restarts banners audio immediately, minor fixes


xml global options

xml single options

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