This file was selected as an ACTIVEDEN FILE OF THE WEEK in 2010!

JUNE 2011 UPDATE: Improved graphic elements and additional features including support for multiple links and a choice of plug color (light or dark).

The Power Up Intro is an interactive intro for your website… and a departure from the typical “Enter Site” button. It includes five wall textures and five floor textures to mix and match. A simple animated preloader is built into the file.

This intro is driven by an easy-to-modify XML file. Following is a list of features that are customizable via the XML:

  • Link URL (the web link where the viewer is re-directed on completion) Each receptacle on the wall can now be linked to a different URL, if desired.
  • Wall texture (choices include: tan, brown, gray, blue, and blank)
  • Floor texture (choices include: wood, tile, carpet, concrete, and blank)
  • Choice of light or dark-colored plug and wire
  • Color and alpha transparency of the message on the wall (the message can also be turned “off”)
  • Color and alpha transparency of the animated arrow on the wall (the arrow can also be turned “off”)
  • Color of the electric glow which occurs around the receptacle when the plug is inserted
  • Fade out color
  • Sound effects can be turned “on” or “off”

FLA file is in CS3 format, ActionScript 3.0 code (Flash Player 9 or higher). SWF dimensions are 800px width, 600px height.

The font used in this file is “Misproject”. This is a freeware font available for download at Due to distribution restrictions, the font files are not included in the downloadable package.