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The menu is very good. But the author support is pretty bad!

I have to bought the 2 menus from the same author. The problem is already solved, and I´m still waiting for the answer to my emails…

Guys, anyone have any problems with Safari with this when using the external interface? Our page keeps page refreshing over and over till the browser locks up. This only happens with Safari, all other browsers work fine.

Great work…

A few questions:

1) Can you make it so the menu/accordion opens when you hover on the button?

2) Can we include 3 clickable icons when the accordion opens?

Thanks in advance…

Hello Random, this is an amazing menu.

Can my links in the submenu have different text colours, rather than just one for all?

Is there any way of specifically targeting each text button in my subnav through “settings.xml” ?

Thank you.

I have set maxButtons to only show a limited number of sub-buttons within an item. I have for example 10 sub-buttons total but I am only showing 5. Once I do this and preview the scrolling kicks in when I hover over the area to show them. Everything looks great.

I just want to know if there is a way to SLOW DOWN the scroll speed? If anybody knows how I would appreciate the help. Thanks!!

Hi, I try now with the example that use a FRAME OR LABEL and works fine, when I click go to the frame or label do fine, but when click again at the same button come back to the first fame.

Thanks for you great help.


I purchased the librasy and have it all set up with one issue. I need to have the URL open in a separate frame on my page. _self and _blank work great butI need it to go to a target frame _main.

I assume I need to make an .fla change but can you direct me on where to do this or how to make the default _main since all URL calls will go to that frame ?


Dear author

Great work on that menu

Is there a chance I can cancel that initial expantion of the menu when it loads?

Regards Andreas

excellent job!

Any chance I can cancel that initial expansion when it loads?

Regards Andreas

I just purchased this and now notice its AS2 . Any chance of getting this one updated to AS3 ?

Hi random,

we have purchased your menu. Its really nice. We want your help. We want to get exact height of accordion movieClip. Don’t know but after loading menus from xml its shows correct height. but when click on it , its trace incorrect height value of accordion menu. Can you let us know how to get exact height. We are working on an applications using your navigation menu. Its really urget. Please reply soon.

Regards. Gaurav Shah

Great menu! I see in your documentation pdf that only one parameter can be passed through a function. Wondering if it’s possible in any way to add multiple parameters? (i.e. func=”myfunction(‘vidname’, ‘720’, ‘480’)

Any help??


Love it!


Is there a horizontal version of this menu? Would it be hard to do?

Thanks, Ronnie

Nice menu! But accidentally, after purchasing, i saw that this is just an AS2 version :( So, i cant do anything with it..

Any plans to port it to AS3 ??



hi there, I would like my buttons to stop on the frame, for example my contact page is on frame 20.

<item text=”CONTACT” type=”frame” frame=”20” target=”” ></item>

the problem is, is that it goes to frame 20, but when i click the button again, it goes to the next frame.

how do i stop this from going to the next frame? Your help would be appreciated!

hi, i want to purchase but before i wonder, can i give a link to a main menu (for ex: features)? i want to open a new page while submenus ara opened too