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Powerful Flash Accordion Menu Unlimited Levels v3

Powerful Flash Accordion Menu Unlimited Levels v3


This flash component allows you to create accordion menu’s and combobox’s in a few minutes and customize every detail without opening the flash file, because everything is xml driven.

As it says in the title, using this component you can create accordion menu’s with as many levels as you set in the xml file, there is no limit. Also you can customize each level individually, allowing you to create complex menus and desings.

In this new version you can set 4 different actions for the button, such as launch a link, go to a frame, load an image/swf or call a function.

Also this menu includes some nice API features that allows you to manipulate/navigate the menu dynamically.

Here is a list of features:

General Settings

The general settings allow you to customize some features that affect the whole menu, such as the separation between buttons, the opening and closing ease, the rollover and rollout ease, icons, etc.

Here is an example of the general settings xml file:

Level Customization

Every level has its own independent configuration, that means that each level can have a different button color, roll over color, text color, text size, dimensions, shape, etc.

Here is an example of a level tag:

Unlimited Levels

This component uses a recursive construction method that allows you to create unlimited number of levels.

Click Actions

There are four different actions that a button can do when is clicked:

Link: you can set the url and the window method (_self or _blank).

Frame: you can set the number or label of the frame and the target movieclip.

Load: you can set the path of the image/swf and the container movieclip.

Function: triggers a function.

Button Features

In this version the buttons have more features, like load images inside the button, different effects (like glossy, gradient or solid color), two possible icons for the buttons with sublevels (arrow icon or +/- icon), rounded corners, multiline text, support of special characters, etc.

List Features

The lists (sublevels) comes in this version with new features, like two possible effect to open (mask or slide) and the possibility to apply a scrolling feature if the list is too long.

API Features

This components includes some API features that you can use to navigate/manipulate the menu, this is very useful if you need to open the menu using a button, or close it dynamically, or change the text of a button (useful if you want to make a combobox).

Construction Of The Menu

Here is an example to show you how to construct the structure of the menu using the xml file (this is just structure, this is not how to customize the look or the actions that the buttons do)

Using this XML structure:

You will get this menu:

Documentation: Help File + Examples

Included with the component you will get a 16 pages PDF Help File explaining in detail how to use/customize this component to fit your needs, and also you will get a package with examples (in .fla’s and .swf’s) with full commented code, about how to make a combobox using this component, how to load different xml files to have more than one menu in the same project, how to use the API features, etc.

Here you can see the

Play with it, the possibilities are unlimited


Feb 15: Help file updated.

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