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Powerful Menu XML 7

Powerful Menu XML 7


Easy to use, just drag and drop, the menu is xml driven, you can set in the .xml file text, colors and links, you can make many combinations changing the positions of the bars.

Here is an example of how the .xml looks like:

<item name = “HOME” color = “1ABB55” link=”http://activeden.net”></item>

you can also set in the script:

the selected bar _y position

the rollover bar _y position

the ease


How to change the start color of the buttons:

Open the library and select the movieclip “item”, inside there will be a text field with an instance name of “txtColor” but move it and BEHIND that text field will be another with the instance name “txt”, select that textfield with the text tool and change its color. Then put the first text field (txtColor) in the position that it was.

How to load an swf intead of geting a link:

Open the movieclip “item” and open the actions panel. In the line 36 you will find this:


replace it with this:


then in the attribute “link” of the xml file put the path of the swf that you want to load

NOTE: Where says myMovieclip you need to put the instance name of your movieclip where you want to load you swf

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