This is a new powerful version of the Mini Resizable Gallery

This XML gallery supports unlimited number of pictures and if the thumbnails menu is too large it has an auto scroll feature, test it resizing your browser :)

The pictures can be of any size and the frame will resize to its dimentions with an elastic effect.

Even the thumbnails can be any size as you can see in this screenshot:


The help file is full comented and includes a PDF HELP FILE

Here is an example of how the xml settings looks like:

Here is an example of how the xml configuration of the pictures looks like:

Note: The link that the pictures launchs when clicked can be turned off by setting link=”false”. Read the help file. The “burn effect” of the thumbnails can be turned off from the XML file.

About Support

As I dont check every day every file’s comments you will get faster support if you send me your questions/requests by e-mail, you can contact me using the contact form at the bottom of my profile.

Also if you are contacting me about a particular file, please send it’s url and name.

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