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Powerful onDoubleClick() Script

Powerful onDoubleClick() Script


A very easy to use code that lets you use functions when you double click a movieclip.

Just copy the code in the timeline of your project that you need to use it and that’s all.

onDoubleClick(mc, function)

The first param, “mc”, is the target movieclip that will be doubleclicked, and the second is the name of the function that will be fired (without brackets)


Imagine that you have a movieclip called “ball” on the stage, and you want to move it 5 pixels by doubleclicking it, you just have to make your function, like:

function move(){ ball._x+=5 }

and then you just use the onDoubleClick() function and call move():

onDoubleClick(ball, move)

That’s all. The name of the function goes without the brackets.

Just 2kb.

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