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Preload Package

Preload Package

Preloaders Package contains preloads completely generated in AS code, you will find nothing in the Library. It includes 10 files:

  • Cube preload.
  • Circles preload
  • Radial preload.
  • Sectors V1.
  • Sectors V2.
  • Sectors V3.
  • Lines.
  • Rounded Rectangles.
  • Rectangles V2.
  • Arrows.

All the variables to modify are in the top of the AS code, for example:

  • The colors of figures
  • The glow color
  • Space between figures
  • Max number of figures
  • And more depending of the image

Also you can take of the numbers.

Well, everything is in a sigle AS frame

4kb for every preload.