Tired of using the same old preloader for every project? Try out these 10 unique scripted preloaders to suit your project’s style. Easy to customise, all code is self-contained within one movie clip which can be dragged and dropped into your project. All you need to do is drop it on the first frame of your project and add a stop() action, that’s it!

Note: In the preview, press the skip button (bottom right) to skip to the next preloader.

Preloaders included:

  • Segmented bar preloader
  • Circular preloader with percentage
  • Bar preloader with easing and percentage follow
  • Segmented circular preloader with percentage
  • Spiral bar preloader with easing and percentage follow
  • Fullscreen ultra thin preloader with percentage
  • Numbers preloader with reflection and colour tween
  • Mouse follow circular preloader with percentage
  • Mouse follow spiral preloader with percentage and colour tween
  • Fullscreen bar preloader with percentage follow

File includes 10 individual .fla files for each preloader shown in this preview. Opens with flash 8 or higher. Help file and comments in the code included.