Premium XML MP3 Player

This is a minimalist style xml driven MP3 player. Event though the design is simple, it’s full of features, and the equalizer visual is a REAL equalizer, not just an animation, it’s reading the sound wave as it plays. Check out all the features!

You can view the xml here.


  • Drag and Drop for easy implementation in your project.

  • XML driven songlist, next one plays once the playing track is done.

  • The playlist can open up, down, or not at all, and that is determined in the xml

  • The player can automatically start playing, or can wait until the user clicks play or a track in the playlist. Determined in the xml.

  • Each track’s description in the playlist is determined in xml, customizable by you.

  • Resizable width, so that it can fit many uses, from a large player, to a 150 pixel wide pill sized player (150 is the smallest I recommend). Width is determined in xml.

  • The volume is remembered from the last time you used it, so a user only has to adjust your site volume once.

  • MP3’s are streamed (played as they are still downloading) for fastest playback.

  • Equalizer is real, and shows the sound wave that is playing, not just an animation.

  • 100% vector, scalable, resizable, and can you can easily edit colors, gradients, etc. right on the vector graphics in Flash.

  • In addition to the drag n drop method, for advanced users this can be instantiated with script once placed into the library.

You can view the images of the player with some of the options described above here.

SEO and Mobile Friendly XML Templates

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