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Product Slideshow With Optional Badge

Product Slideshow With Optional Badge


Features include:
  • Driven by pure AS3 document class.
  • XML driven content.
  • Optional badge title and value.
  • Optional autoplay slideshow.
  • Optional highlight bar color of the current thumbnail.
  • Optional thumbnail and the text in the thumbnail area.
  • Optional image link and badge link.
  • Optional image caption with HTML support.
  • Optional slideshow delay second.
  • Support many file type: jpg, png, gif, and swf.
  • Just custom gallery.xml in the xml folder with your own content, include your image, link and image caption. Please pay attention to the image location.
        highLightColor="0xFF3399" // hightlight color of the thumbnail
        autoPlay="yes"  // auto play slideshow or not
        delay="5"    // delay second of the slideshow
        badgeTitle="ON SALE"  // the title in the badge
        target="_blank"  // how to open the link

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