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Professional XML carousel images / swf viewer

Professional XML carousel images / swf viewer

This is not only a carousel, it’s a complete image/swf viewer that anybody can use for showing their portfolio.

Update 1.1
  • Now supporting png files.
  • Icon in carousel can now act as category.
  • Icon in carousel can now load external swf like about us.
  • Icon in carousel can now call a URL and/or email.
  • Top bar and/or Category bar can now be hidden (if you want to use the carousel as a menu, you don’t need anymore the category bar at top i’ve keep the category bar in the preview to show all the options available to you)
  • You can hide category if you don’t want them to show in the category bar (like main menu as a example ;) )
  • Support for sub-category.
  • Now each carousel category can have a different Width and Height
  • Fullscreen at false will now auto hide top and down bar so it can be embed and loaded up in any other project.

With update 1.1, you can now make a complete web site with this carousel.

  • Unlimited Categories with thumb!
  • Support for SWF files.
  • Can change all the color directly via XML .
  • All text can be edited via XML.
  • Motion and depth blur.
  • Each photo can have a unique Background color.
  • Description support HTML tags.
  • Music files included (Music by Othentic Productions)
  • Any aspect of the carousel can be edited via XML (Depth, motionBlur, depthBlur, Width, Height, etc etc)
  • About us button that load external SWF or mail link.
  • Complete 5 pages help file with all the explanation needed.
  • Build over a solid engine included with the project.

Contact me via profile if you have any questions.

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