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Pulse Particles AS3

Pulse Particles AS3

Pulse Particles AS3 is a particle system designed for background effects and mouse follow interaction in your Flash projects using ActionScript 3. The effect is script driven and designed for ease of use with a simple ActionScript Interface. Setup and configuration is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced Flash users with some experience of ActionScript 3.

You can easily change the look and behavior of the particle system with the following options:

Particle System
These functions and parameters affect the whole particle system.

  • Effect Width (Spawn area and visibility mask)
  • Effect Height (Spawn area and visibility mask)
  • Maximum Particles
  • Spawn Rate (Per Frame)
  • Spawn Type (Random or mouse location)
  • Add Particle (Add unlimited types of particles to the system, each with unique features)
  • Start Spawn (Spawn new particles)
  • Stop Spawn (Stops spawning new particles)
  • Wind (Directional wind)
  • Resize (Resizes Effect Width – spawn area and visibility mask)

These functions and parameters affect individual particles.
  • Size (Radius)
  • Colour
  • Alpha
  • Blend Mode
  • Minimum Age
  • Maximum Age
  • Speed (Average speed)
  • Pulse Rate (Percentage chance of pulse effect, per frame)