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Is it possible to use remote images? I need to be able to link to files stored on Amazon S3. I have noticed that some flash apps allow this, and some don’t ( even with a crossdomain.xml file in place ). If it allows it, I’ll buy it asap!

Yes it’s possible but you need to load policy files from your domain. I’ve answered your email. :)

hi, is it possible to use a real player navigation for video files?

cause I want use long movie files (long in minutes) and i want the basic functions like pause, play, stop (and time bar).


Currently there is play a and stop but no timebar. I’ve been working on a modified version of Quboid which will be released as a complete new template and will fill this gap.

Hi, Great file, I especially like the organic movement of the carousel. Could I resize the file for a fix size and place it on my page layout?

Thanks Andre

Sure, there is an embeddable version provided with examples. :)

How do I change the background colour of the preloader? It is currently black and I need it to be either transparent or #F0F0F0.

As stated in the XML Cheatsheet, the background can be disabled by setting bgEnabled to “false” in the XML Setup. If you want to colorize it put your values for bgFirstColor and bgSecondColor as you wish. Remember it’s a gradient background, if you want a plain one use the same color for both.

Feel free to rate the item. :)

this looks great, a few questions before purchase

1. can i get it to preload images before display or load images dynamically? the way it loads the images in a line before animating in is not appropriate for my project

2. is it difficult to update the speed of the animation in the detail view? it’s a bit slow in the demo.

Your requests need customization work in the code. You might get the viewer and customize it on your own or hire a developer to do the job for you. Drop me a private message for a quote.

It comes with an embed example that allows you to put backgrounds and other graphics directly in the Flash IDE .

It comes with an embed example that allows you to put backgrounds and other graphics directly in the Flash IDE .

Can I put BG picture by xml, or html ? I have no flash.

Here: http://multimediagigant.de/super/Sonnenarad/index.html I use a BG pictureonly by html !!!

Well, you could potentially use the carousel with a transparent background and feed your background picture in the html document. This way the composition might work.

Great Design and Theme, Very professional and easy to modify and flashedge himself is really friendly and helpful, guided me a lot in the points where i was stuck.

Please bring more quality projects like this soon :)

how exactly do you add this to wordpress i thought i would be able to just upload zip file to the site

I’m sorry this isn’t an autoinstalling module for Wordpress. It was never stated in the description. Though you can still use it an easily embed it anywhere within an iframe if you’d like to.

Contact me privately if you need assistance.