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I love all the items this user has, very well thought out with care in the craftsmanship : )

i have a problem .. i have a mixed gallery .. and the jpg work just fine .. but FLV not working at all it only work on the flash player .. but in the browser it doesnt work ..

what can i do please ?


It’s an issue related to the flash security sandbox. If you need to test it locally use the Flash IDE or create an executable file. Once you uploaded your deploy folder online it should work fine.

Though some servers have issues with relative paths, to avoid streaming errors use absolute paths with the complete url including your domain.

I have problem …. I have video gallery but it didn’t work. I could not seen any videos. They just work on flash player, not online. i tryed also to use absolute paths with complete url but ….. nothing

neeeed help … please

another question …. can I embed external videos (vimeo, youtube, ...) on my video gallery?

Sorry friend, I resolved the first problem. But second question ?????????


I’m glad you solved your issue. There is currently no youtube and vimeo support for now, though you might consider my 3D Wheel if you need to showcase your youtube videos.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

I’d like to make 2 feature requests:

1- could you please allow different sized blocks and types of blocks in the same scene (is it possible?)...

2- Please add hardware acceleration support (port it to flash player 11)...

A billion thanks if you help me with either _


Actually you can have different sizes and types of cubes at the same time. Just compile the xml properly and size your thumbnails the way you like. About the porting you asked for, I have to change the render engine to support the incoming hardware acceleration. We still are on Flash 10.2 anyway.

The libraries of PV3D don’t seem to support the new features by now and probably won’t be updated. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

I opened cs5 with flashplayer 9 without acceleration, and flashplayer 10 with “level 2 graphics processor”. Expose “stage.frameRate = 60;” and do not see any difference, it is the fault flashplayer? and in fact, no acceleration, and can remain on the C3 flashplayer 9? Thank You!


Since it’s based on PV3D , it does not benefit in any way from hardware acceleration due the nature of the engine which uses only on the CPU . I’ve already optimized it to run under Flash Player 9 at a decent frame rate. You have to consider there are two engines running at the same time: one for the physics and one for the three-dimensional graphics.

You must be aware it’s a heavy app, though it has been optimized to run smoothly. I even saw it running on a mobile phone: http://bit.ly/99xTRS

Flash Player 10: “In order to use hardware-accelerated graphics, you need to have Open GL 2 .0 video card with GLSL capabilities.” If you do not have Vista or “7”(and do not want to install, as I do), it makes no sense to use cs4 or cs5. All you can do to cs3 with FlashPlayer 9. To improve performance, you can use “stage.frameRate = 60; or 150”. You can also remove the preloader grows exactly to the frame. Are there any any way to increase productivity?


I suggest you to stick just with Flash 9, it does not benefit from newer versions. I might develop my incoming apps with hardware acceleration if will become popular enough.

Thank you and I wanted to) I do not want to use something later than 9. Good job! :grin:

Nice item can it display you tube video as well? Thank you look forward to your response.


No, I’m sorry there is no YouTube support for this viewer by now. Thanks for dropping by!

Hello Emanuelle

is there a way to just make the b2Body shrink or be removed when paired? I did it like this:


in which the array then gets destroyed and gives me an error, is there a much better way to remove/scale/hide the box2d objects in a simple way?

and how can i re-initialize the engine with a different xml using the standalone version?

thanks in advance


There are examples for properly removing cubes at runtime from both physics and 3D engines. Please contact me privately so I can assist you properly.

When I view the demo, the images stick to the right margin of the stage. Is that supposed to happen? Is there a fix so that the images do not stick to the right side of the stage? Are the images supposed to bounce around freely off of the right side of the stage – similar to the way they do off of the left margin? I’m interested in purchasing your super cool template, but before doing so I would like to know if there is a fix such that the template works for all stage sizes. Please let me know. Thank you.



Box2D is very CPU intensive and using a virtually endless size for the physics world would cause issues. I limited the area to that size for performance reasons, though you can easily change the limit through the provided classes at your own risk.

I purchased your template. I made all the corrections as you suggested to stop the icons from sticking in the right margin. Thank you for providing corrective suggestions. This template gets 5 STARS . Very impressive! I hope others find your template and make the purchase. I’m using it only for external links at this time and my boxes are flying around in zero gravity as desired. The template is running like a champion!

Now that I have it behaving properly, I’m starting to look at some of the other features provided.

So, I saved the original zip file, and opened it in a brand new folder, and uploaded all the “deploy” files without making any modifications. What I uploaded was “right out of the box” so to speak. When I attempt to view the “embed.html” site I get a warning popup message that says: “Questa pagina richiede AC_RunActiveContent.js”. Come posso risolvere questo problema?

I’ve read all of the posts here in this comment section, but I still don’t get how to add other features (e.g., hyperlinks, buttons, graphics, background image, etc.) to the rest of the “Quboid.fla” stage. Like I said, the template is working great, but now I want to provide more content, but I don’t know where to add it. Do you have additional tutorials besides the cheatsheet that you’ve provided? How can I contact you outside of this comment section? Please let me know.

Non vedo l’ora di sentire da voi.

Thank you.



The Embed example is meant to showcase how to load the viewer inside another flash project, so you likely have missing js files causing that error in the html document though the swf file should run flawlessly.

Quboid should just be loaded as-is the rest can be handled outside of it through xml or through a custom gui which calls functions from it.

I’m having fun with your most excellent template!

How can I add the following AS3 code to the Quboid.fla or Quboid.as file to load music externally?

var soundClip:Sound=new Sound();

var sndChannel:SoundChannel=new SoundChannel();

soundClip.load(new URLRequest(“mymusic.mp3”));


function onComplete(evt:Event):void {



Please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



I’ve made a file called Embed.fla for this kind of jobs. Paste your code in the timeline frame and compile, it should work.

Hello Emanuelle,

is is possible to have direct link for menu, for example, direct link for “Tiny Cubes”, or “In the Storm”,

also, can i have links in description, for example, if i open “Comic Hero Mosaic,” so description is “He will punch you head off!”, so could i have a clickable link in this description, so it would be “He will punch you head off! – click here for more” and link (click here for more) will be opened in new page?



The mini template is only a small extra. You’ll need to build your own navigation system with the embed example and code its behaviour.

Hello, I am afraid that I did not understad your answer… So, If I am not wrong, I can edit everything in XML file, right? So, important thing is, what I need is – links in description. So, when picture is opened, can I have link in description, for example, if i open “Comic Hero Mosaic,” so description is “He will punch you head off!”, and could i have a clickable link in this description, so it would be “He will punch you head off! – click here for more” and link (click here for more) will be opened in new page? Is that possible? Thanks again.


You can parse simple html tags inside the caption or use the cubes themselves as links, like shown in the example.

Hello, is it possible to show Croatian specifis characters (from Croatian alphabet) ??š?ž? I cant get his working. Thanks. :)


You probably need to switch the font and embed those special characters from the text options. Keep sure that charset is actually supported.


Could you please tell me how to do that, I tried everything I know, but my knowledge is limited. I hope that is doesnt require alot of changes to show croatian specific caracters. This is really crutial for my website to show croatian letters.

Also, i need this: http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/8373/bannertxn.jpg I need to show 768×90 banner google-ad in right top area, how to do that.

Please help me with these two things, thank you.


In order to add croatian characters you need to change the used font with one that supports that charset. Press F11 and replace it from the library.

About the second request, you can do it through an iframe contained inside another div floated above the flash container. Keep sure your wmode has been set to opaque to allow overlapping stuff over it.

For further assistance contact me privately.


I have tried to resize the max stage size from 1680×1200 to 1920×1200 but the boxes are now sticking to the right hand side of the stage.


It’s a hardcoded limit to prevent huge CPU usage. You can change it in the Box2DWorld class insinde the net/flashedge/box2d folder.

The code looks like this:
worldBounds.upperBound = new b2Vec2(1680 / WORLD_SCALE, 1200 / WORLD_SCALE); // bigger for fluid layouts

Replace the values with something that fits your needs. Remember bigger area means also more cpu usage, so be careful. Save and recompile the Quboid file once you’ve done.