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A Customisable Quiz Game by Tweaks Games.
Add your own questions and use images, sounds and video to bring them to life.
What’s your quiz? The possibilities are endless.

Version 3.1 Just Released! 01/03/2014

‘Customize our games and make them your own. No Coding Required’
hot sellersFeatures
  • Lightweight code that loads fast on any system
  • Fun for all ages
  • Easy to re-brand with your own graphics and sounds
  • Easy on your pocket!
  • Customize EVERYTHING!
  • Alter all the graphics (png and jpg). Backgrounds, players, buttons, colors and more
  • Alter all sounds effects
  • Alter the odds, bet increments, currencies, endless play options and more
  • Supports video, image, audio and text only questions
  • PHP driven High Scores Board
  • Load YouTube video
  • Load external images (from websites other than your own) as clues
  • Multiple Quiz Selector
  • Random Shuffle the questions and/ select number of questions
  • Use Keyboard Events instead of the mouse
  • Supports Test Style Quiz’s
  • 3 Game modes: (or use in combination)
  • Play to beat the clock
  • High score
  • Lose lives game
  • Pop up Quiz Master!
hot sellersMake it your own
It’s easy and all it takes is a little knowledge of XML
Each object in a Tweaks game has a separate section in the XML; find it, and change whatever properties you want:
hot sellersWhat are our customers saying…
Awesome app for two reasons: 1. The app itself, for its UI, feature set & customizability. Couldn’t find anything as good as this one. Great work! 2. Support! Chris has provided email support better than my hosting company. Best wishes to Chris and his apps!

I just bought this game, love it already!

This quiz show is really great. I bought it two years ago and couldn’t make it work but the new version is absolutely fine.
hot sellersSupport
Email us, comment, tweet or head over to for loads of info on FAQ’s and Troubleshooting. And be sure to follow us on Twitter notifications of our latest updates.

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