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Rain maker - background animation

Rain maker - background animation

This is the ultimate rain drops generator, with built-in preset for:
“Light-Rain”(sample), “Moderate-Rain”(sample above) and “Heavy Rain”(sample).
Suitable for any environment you need – with the built-in-mask you can place it easily in specific location, and set specific width and height (sample). :-)

• File weight is less than 1kb !!
• Very easy to implement – each and every AS is perfectly explained
• Easily Drag & Drop with built-in mask.(Place it wherever you want ).
• You can easily change parameters.
• Easily change the shape of Drop.

You can set these following features:
• Specify the width and height of effect area.
• Specify the scale of the Drop.
• Transparency of the Drop.
• Specify the numbers of Drops.
• Determine the falling speed.
• Determine the wind speed.
*Of-course, you can easily replace the background image. :-)

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