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RaysFX Background / AS2 + AS3

RaysFX Background / AS2 + AS3

Pure actionscript generated rays effect (both AS2 & AS3 versions).

Ultra lightweight – less than 2kb.

Eight various examples of usage included (FLA files: both AS2 & AS3 versions) – just drag & drop movieclip to your flash project. You can use it to generate nice animated backgrounds, button effects etc.

Perfect for flash designers/developers who wants add very quickly nice rays effect into flash movie. Easy to use even for flash newbies!

Copy/paste few lines of actionscript to set up effect.

Check demo version with some serious examples.

import net.chamboow.effects.RaysFX; 

var myRays:RaysFX = new RaysFX(); 

myRays.xPos = 0; // X position of rays source
myRays.yPos = 0; // Y position of rays source

myRays.raysNum = 60; // number of rays 
myRays.raysSize = 700; // rays size 
myRays.raysRotation = 1; // rays rotation speed 

// rays colors
myRays.colors = [0xdd0000, 0xffe600, 0xff0000]; 

// rays alphas
myRays.alphas = [1, 1, 1]; 

myRays.useFeatherMask = true; // turn ON feather masking
myRays.maskSize = 700; // mask size
myRays.featherPercentage = .1; // strength of feather masking
myRays.maskToInside = true; // set masking direction to INSIDE

myRays.go(); // create rays & start animation

addChild(myRays); // add rays to display list

Full documentation in PDF files available here:

AS2: RaysFX-Manual-AS2.pdf

AS3: RaysFX-Manual-AS3.pdf

List of things you can change and use:

  • number of rays
  • speed and direction of rotation
  • size of rays
  • X and Y position of light source
  • unlimited colors (+ alpha values) of rays
  • feather masking (INSIDE or OUTSIDE)
  • size of feather mask
  • strength of feather masking (in percentage value)
  • pause() and resume() methods for controlling animation

Package includes:

  • AS2 version of eight examples (.FLA + .SWF + .AS file)
  • AS3 version of eight examples (.FLA + .SWF + .AS file)
  • RaysFX_demo.swf (demo versions with code snippets)
  • RaysFX-Readme.pdf (readme file)
  • RaysFX-Manual-AS2.pdf (documentation for AS2 version)
  • RaysFX-Manual-AS3.pdf (documentation for AS3 version)