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Real 3D Magazine Page Flip v2

Real 3D Magazine Page Flip v2

Premium page flip template – version 4.4

The most realistic 3D paper simulation done in Flash !

Create amazingly realistic 3D interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures, books or newspapers.

The setup is easy and straightforward – you don’t need to have Flash installed – do everything just by editing xml files with a text editor. Flash knowledge or programming skills are not required.

You can customise the toolbar, change colors, background, camera settings, book size and orientation, music, flip sounds, speed, paper thickness, thumbnails size and much more – almost averything can be customized easily just by editing the xml file.

Give your customers a great reading experience with smart camera that zooms easily with mouse wheel and follows the mouse movement.

Main features

  • fully XML driven
  • AS3 , powered by Away3D 3.5 engine
  • highly customisable
  • pages load one at a time, you can start listing before the loading finnishes
  • bitmap smoothing for high resolution images
  • pages can be static images jpg, png, gif
  • pages can be fully interactive swf files that can contain music players, video players, animations, buttons, external links… all mouse events will work properly – you have unlimited possibilities for creating interactive magazines, brochures or catalogs
  • optimized – the number of pages doesn’t affect the speed – average of 50 FPS with bitmap pages, 20 FPS with swf pages
  • high number of pages supported, tested with 200+ pages
  • paper bends in real time following the mouse movement
  • paper waving effect – lighter paper waves more
  • turning speed – choose the turning speedvia xml
  • paper thickness – choose paper thickness via the xml
  • page width and height via xml
  • camera focus, distance, pan, tilt, zoom settings via xml
  • control the camera zoom, pan and tilt with mouse easily – smart zoom to the part of the screen where the mouse is – easy reaing without need to click and drag
  • camera follows mouse movement when zoomed for easy reading
  • camera zoom slider
  • camera pan angle slider
  • camera tilt angle slider
  • paper thickness slider
  • speed slider
  • background color
  • icons color
  • icon background color
  • view PDF (needs to be manually prepared) – the browser handles the PDF view and download
  • about us page, fully xml driven with custom scrollbar that is added dynamically if your text is larger than the text area and the html formatted text
  • contact form, fully xml driven with html formatted text and php file included
  • toggle fullscreen
  • music player with autoplay option
  • tooltip
  • and much more added in following updates

Update 26/4/2011

  • bug fix : videos are now stopped after the page turn
  • added 2 example video pages to show how to integrae videos into the magazine
  • added option in the xml for vertical flip

Update 8/3/2011

  • interactivity is ON all the time – turn pages by clicking on page corners
  • use multiple instances of the magazine in the same website with flashvars - pass different xml files to swf with flashvars
  • fixex a bug in html in firefox – some wierd characters that were showing up in the top left part of the screen
  • embedding done with swfObject and swf fit
  • background music loop

Update 16/1/2011

  • free camera and resizing bug fix

Update 4/1/2011

  • support for landscape pages
  • fluid layout – the magazine resizes to the browser size
  • loading optimization – faster loading of pages
  • new icons

Update 11/11/2010

  • bug fix for pages not being clickable sometimes
  • 2 new xml parameters for turning mouse wheel zoom on/off – mouseWheel_zoom_normal and mouseWheel_zoom_fullscreen
  • page turning slightly modified

Update 31/10/2010

  • free camera is off by default, the mouse wheel zoom is enabled with free camera off
  • page turning tweaked
  • background image not stretching to fullscreen bug fixed
  • intro animation changed
  • new 24 page interactive magazine example added

Update 27/10/2010

  • fully interactive swf pages - your pages can now contain video or music players, buttons, interactive animation, external links – create a unique interactive reading experience – switch between “interact with pages” mode to use the mouse for interacting with swf pages and “normal” mode to use the mouse to turn pages
  • new page flip sounds – 4 different page pick up and 4 different page turn sounds
  • new preloader swf page
  • more elegant toolbar and toltips
  • info messages
  • speed optimization
  • go to page function optimized

Update 11/10/2010

  • page loading optimized
  • preloader swf page with source fla included so it can be easily modified
  • page turning optimized
  • now 3 different page turning sounds and 1 page pick up sound included

Update 08/10/2010 – New features:

  • show all pages / view thumbnails / go to page – set the thumbnail width, height and spacing via xml, horizontal scroller style, on thumbnail click the book lists to the target page
  • first page / last page – start listing the book towards the end or the beginning
  • go to page – type in the destination page and hit enter to list to a specific page
  • each feature can be removed in the xml – customise the toolbar easily so it best fit your needs
  • page flip sounds (loaded as external mp3 files so they can be changed easily)- sound for the page pick up and 2 different sounds for the page turn included
  • new pixel perfect icons
  • background can be an image, a swf file or solid color

The file is regularly updated with new features !

You can get the latest version simply by re-downloading the file. Check this page regularly for latest updates. All future updates will be available to all buyers.

Free support !

I offer free support for the file, contact me through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll answer to your questions.


Many thanks to PeterPap , esteem , pro_design and ScreenscapeS .
The portfolio book template used in the example 1 can be purchased here
The brochure template used in the example 2 can be purchased here
The magazine template used in the example 3 can be purchased here
The video used in the example 3 can be purchased here

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