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Realistic 88 Key Piano FX player (v2)

Realistic 88 Key Piano FX player (v2)

UPDATED: 6-2011

Realistic 88 Key Piano FX player (v2.1)

FLASH 8+ (AS2.0)

New and Improved!

~Easy to customize sound effects:
You can add your own custom MP3 audio files without editing the FLA source.
Just make sure to name each MP3 file ‘w1’ to ‘w52’ for the white keys,
and ‘b1’ to ‘b36’ for the black keys, and then
place them all in the ‘SoundFX’ folder.

Recommended MP3 settings:
~ Sample rate: 22050Hz+ (or 44100Hz for better quality)
~ MP3 Compression/Bitrate: 96Kbps to 240Kbps (Highest Quality).
~ Resolution: 16-bit or 32-bit
~ Duration/Time length: under 10 seconds.

Realistic Piano effect:
*The longer you hold in a key, the longer the note will play (sound fades out with damper feature)
*Multiple keys can be pressed simultaneously…
amount of keys pressed may be limited based on your keyboard, O.S., Flash, etc… who knows?...

Special effects include:
*A neat hammer strike animation for each key/tone.
*Keys light up when cursor hovers over them, or when a key is activated.

Since these files are located on a server,
you may need to wait a few seconds for each MP3 sound file to load into Flash.

On certain system configurations you may hear ‘static’ in the audio
while the sound is tiggered or while the sound fades out.

Also, while playing very quickly, you may notice the keys stop responding..
this is because of the way Flash processes audio.
I think that Flash cannot process many sounds simultaneously.

NOTE: My top-left logo is removed from the purchased files (swf,exe).

ZIP Includes an EXE standalone, 88 MP3 tones, and a .html help file.