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very nice work :)

nice work. congratulations :)

It looks great, congratulations. Maybe you can assing piano tones as default tones. People can learn how to play piano by following video tutorials…

Happy sales!

NIce work!!!!!

Awesome! I really admire this file, just like the rest of your portfolio.

Keep up the good work!

There’s is something wrong with the notes. This not the correct do re mi fa sol la si do

I can play a keyboard but I can’t get a song out of this one.


maybe it was the style of tones I generated.. though I made sure that each tone was the correct frequency..

there are other settings within the sound program’s tone generator that may need to be adjusted as well..


hey BattleChip .. if you get a chance, let me know what you think of the new Piano FX player :) (updated 1-28-10)

Nice file. Love the press and drag function :D

this is awesome!! I can’t believe it is only $10, there are a lot of crappy files at same price as yours … I’d have this for at least $25.

Anyways, good luck with the sales!

Made using additive synthesis?



actually each pitch is a single-toned sine wave that has been shortly faded in, then fully faded out..

..I just might try additive synthesis sometime.. :)

Hi, great Piano, is possible on azerty keyboard ?



some keys should work.. but most won’t correspond.

I finally updated this :D

More accurate piano tones, with damper (fade) feature!!

..any comments are welcome :)

Aha this is very awesome!


Thank you!! :D

Hello, i need a record and save function for your keyboard. Is it possible?

best regards


Hi :) Yes, I believe it’s possible to add such features.

I was actually going to add those before I published, but since it would of been a bit more timely for me to add such additional codes, I figured I’ll just wait to see if anyone requests those functions first (record/save/play-back)... So far 3 people requested it, which is enough to put the project on my Flash schedule…

Not too sure when I’ll start on it, but hopefully soon :)