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Realistic Fireworks

Realistic Fireworks

Easy to use

There are two ways to use it:
  • Drag and drop the fireworks from the library (no ActionScript knowledge required)... OR
  • Create an instance of the CFirework class and add it to the stage or to a movieclip (two lines of code)


  • Create fireworks of any color
  • Works on any background
  • Create random fireworks (via Drag and Drop or ActionScript)
  • Only 12 KB (even with the explosion sound)
  • Time-based animation (don’t need to change the FPS of your document)


It is very customizable (via ActionScript). The only required argument of the constructor function is the color, but you can enter more arguments to change the following features:

  • Velocity
  • Gravity acceleration
  • Size of the ascending fireball
  • Time elapsed before the explosion
  • Number of the particles
  • Size, speed and lifespan of the particles
  • Size and duration of the backlight