Reservations Script PHP + MySQL + Flash with Admin

:: Reservations Script powered by PHP, MySQL and Flash ::

This script let you add a reservation feature to your website.

The client only need to fill all the fields and the reservation will be added to a database.

- It sends HTML emails with your logo.

- Easy to use and install. One Drag-n-drop movieclip and autoinstaller.

- PHP 4 or 5.

- Fully commented.

- Includes a PDF with step by step instructions.

You can use this script also to make appointments.

:: How to use ::

The customer fills a form.

The form sends 2 emails, one for the customer and one for the manager, confirming that the reservation was added to the database and is pending confirmation.

You need to enter the Admin area, where you can confirm the reservations and delete them.

All the reservations are displayed with a DataGrid.

Please, before purchasing ask all your questions and test it. :)