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Resizing Slideshow with Mouse Pan

Resizing Slideshow with Mouse Pan


  • 07 Oct 2011 – [FIX] stage size problem in IE 8 (in main() method)
  • 07 Oct 2011 – [FIX] getChildAt() function problem (in panImage() method) – this function call too fast
  • 07 Oct 2011 – [FIX] component “full screen preview” page (now it works in IE)

Install & usage video
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List of features:

  • size: 6 Kb
  • coded in ActionScript 3.0
  • light usage of memory and CPU
  • You can load JPEG , PNG and GIF files
  • You don’t need a Adobe Flash IDE if You wan’t to modify component properties (only for website usage)
  • component has a image preloader (for slower connections)
  • easy to change image list from text file or from You website HTML /PHP file (using javascript flashvars)
  • determine stage width and height (fully resizing)
  • determine custom image directory
  • determine seamless effect (great solution if You want to presents image textures / You can disable this effect)
  • determine transition time (fade in / fade out effect)
  • determine displaying time (how long customer must waiting for next image)
  • determine pan effect speed ( how fast the image will follow the mouse pointer)
  • You can translate fullscreen on/off phrase to Your language


A basic feature of Resizing Slideshow with Mouse Pan is a slideshow presentation of JPG , GIF or PNG files. You can embed this application on websites (blog website, online shops and standard websites) or inside other SWF files. One particular advantage is the ability of to interaction between the images and mouse cursor. For that solution You can load a huge images (up to 3000×3000 px) which can be viewed in windowed or full-screen mode. In addition, each image can be displayed with “seamless” parameter, so that the component is ideal for seamless textures presentation. In most cases usage of the component doesn’t need to have a Adobe Flash Professional software, because most settings You can change from Javascript level (inside internet browser). The exception is when You want to import that component into other SWF file – in that case You must use the Adobe software.

Technical requirements:

  • Flash player 10 or higher
  • Adobe Flash CS4 or higher