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Riaren Curve Wall V1

Riaren Curve Wall V1


  1. Resizable and skinable
  2. XML driven
  3. Papervision3D driven
  4. 13 parameters for setting
  5. Use external link or not
  6. Support mouse wheel to rotate flow and scale big image

Parameters you can set from component inspector

  1. bottomColor   ----      -      Set color of cube’s bottom.
  2. cameraY  ----     -      The Y coordinate of the camera.
  3. cameraZ  ----     -      The Z coordinate of the camera.
  4. depth             ----     -      The depth of cubes.
  5. linkMode        ---    Indicates whether navigating to external links or not when use click cubes.
  6. offsetY    ---    The offset on Y coordinate of the flow.
  7. planeWidth      -----—   The width of planes(cubes).
  8. planeHeight            ---    The height of planes(cubes).
  9. radius      -----    The radius of the cover flow.
  10. scrollbarTrackWidth      ---    Set the track width.
  11. showScrollBar       -----    Show scrollbar or not.
  12. topColor         -----    Set color of cube’s top.
  13. xmlURL  -----—-  You xml file used to load images.

Riaren Portfolio

Here is a preview Anyone who bought this could ask me to provide a new version that I made performance optimization.