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Rotate Home

Rotate Home

Can you get all of the diamonds to the right palce at the same time? Clicking on the ball buttons between the diamonds to rotate the diamonds to the right place. An example is that put the Red diamonds to the red grid. This is a very challenging puzzle, so don’t be surprised if it takes you many more!


It is very interesting game.
It is AS3.0 Version.
All the image is vector.
Keep record for the user’s best total in the share object.
It can support unlimited levels
You have unlimited time to try again to break your record before.
Easy to change it to any platform.
Iphone and Android supported.

Level Data

{level:36,map:[1,2,3,1,4, 1,5,2,1,1, 2,3,1,4,1, 5,2,1,1,2, 3,1,4,1,3],mapRow:5,scramble:[2,4,0,9,2,4,1,11,15,7,5,3,12,4,10,1,5,7,5,3,5,7,5,14,0,3],total:{lock:true,best:26,better:28,star:0,record:0}}


If you have other question ,please contact me. Good Luck using the file in your projects!


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