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Rounded Rectangles Preloader

Rounded Rectangles Preloader

Rounded Rectangles Preloader lets you modify:

  • Width and height of the rectangle
  • ratio for rounded
  • Rectangle color
  • Glow color
  • Number of rectangles to show
  • Space between rectangles.
  • Also you can take off the numbers.
  • Position of the preload

Well, everything is in a sigle AS frame

Just 4kb.

This file is part of the Preloader Package



\\ XML Mask Transition Pack is a collection of almost all my mask transition, this is complete XML driven. And you can add your own shapes.

\\ XML Banner with animated texts lets you show infinity messages with many effects, also you can combine them to have your own one. Every message can have an effect and it can be configured from XML, you don’t need to open the fla.

\\ XML Metallic MP3 Player V3 supports streaming, it’s ideal for music stores, also you can add a link to the header for each song.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Animated Charts

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\