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RV Dynamic Video Player

RV Dynamic Video Player

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UPDATE 8 October 2009: new XML parameter autoPlayNextVideo which auto play next video when ended

UPDATE 3 March 2009: Move scrubber to preview video


Thanks Hedley for the awesome preview video used in this file. See his VideoHide Portfolio.

Key features:

  • Support FLV and all video type with h264 encoded
  • Resizable video size with dimension width / height from XML
  • Time tooltip
  • Dynamic buffering time
  • Dynamic video smoothing
  • Dynamic playlist with number of item from XML
  • Dynamic playlist width
  • CSS support with dynamic stylesheet path from XML
  • Dynamic description dimension which auto-size based on amount of text
  • Right click for context menu with custom link, XML driven
  • Support 4 video mode: original / stretch / 4 : 3 / 16:9
  • Source code included and well commented.

XML Configuration:

  • videoAreaWidth=”650”
  • videoAreaHeight=”420”
  • videoBufferTime=”2”
  • videoSmoothing=”true”
  • itemMenuDisplay=”10”
  • itemMenuWidth=”150”
  • customLinkWindow=”_blank”
  • stylesheet=”css/styles.css”
  • videoAreaWidth / videoAreaHeight: Dimension of video area excludes the upper bar and control area below
  • videoBufferTime: Video buffering time
  • videoSmoothing: Video smoothing – true / false
  • itemMenuDisplay: Number of item display in the playlist
  • itemMenuWidth: The width of playlist
  • customLinkWindow: The open method for links in context menu
  • stylesheet: CSS stylesheet source

XML Context Menu:


    <item title="This is custom link " 

    <item title="This is another custom link " 

    <item title="This is normal text" 

  • title: The text display for this link
  • url: The url of this link, leave it blank if it’s a normal text

XML Video Data:

     <video title="My Video Sample 1">
           <videoPath src="asset/video0.flv"/>
           <videoDescription><![CDATA[…]]> </videoDescription>
  • title: The title which is displayed from playlist
  • videoPath: The source to video file
  • videoDescription: The CSS styling description

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