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Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Before attempting to install the file SalesManager.air, make sure you have Adobe Air installed on your PC (or Mac). You can find Adobe Air for download at:

This is an Adobe Air application for who wants to create a desktop application for sales managment. And for who wants to use the peaces of this project in another projects.
You will see under this project:
- Login security protection.
- Beautiful dashboard.
- Customers base.
- Items base with pictures by a simple drang & drop.
- Suppliers base.
- Purchases base.
- Sales base with Label Print.
- Advanded DataGrids with instant search.
- Nice forms with data validation.

And more:
- Internationalize: you can translate the application for your language as simple as editing a file!
- Client / Server with PHP / AMF / MySQL backend.
- Easy to set and start using.
- Easily to edit the code.
- Run on all major desktop operating systems.
- Help files included.
- Adobe Air Project entirely included.
- All files and required libraries are included.

  • Please, attention:
    The App will need the PHP backend connected to work. You can find everthing you need to do under help file, included on file package.

— We did ours best to make your job easy. We’d be glad to help you if you have any questions or problems to solve.

Thank you so much!