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Santa Claus Animation (AS3 - XML)

Santa Claus Animation (AS3 - XML)

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It’s Christmas and Santa Claus is ready for it… but, Will Santa let the presents on time?


  • This project can be used as a cartoon animation or as a Christmas flash card.
  • The animation has a native resolution of 800×600 pixels, but it can be resized. It also allows you to change the animation display to normal/fullscreen.
  • Most part of the animation is a motion tween based and It runs at 30 FPS.
  • Embed audio is included.
  • Most of the elements are well organized in the Flash Library and are vectorial, except the transparent texture, which is also included in PSD and PNG file format if you need to resize it.
  • The file uses AS3 and XML which allows you to modify the following things:
    1. Change the text of the sign at the beginning of the animation. The sign can also be used as a link to a different URL. You can activate or not this functionality.
    2. Display up to 5 different images into the billboards or banners which appear during the animation.
    3. Change the neon sign text which is beside of the chimney.
    4. Put your logo or image (jpg, png or swf) at the end of the greeting card.
    5. Change the final message of the e-card. HTML is supported
    6. Change the the text for the final button.
  • I hope you can enjoy and send this animation to many of your friends or clients on this coming season.

    Ho ho ho!, and of course, I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

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