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Nice game but how do you pass level 9?

I think you need to place that box above to the right of the board so we can use the board as a catapult. Otherwise I can not find the solution, the jewel disappears before it reaches to gift box at this state.


you must destroy the box above the gift box and then start move the jewel, and your suggestion can be made for new level ;) Thanks.


Ah now I passed it, thanks. I wonder why I couldn’t do it before, I guess my timing was wrong.


Good :)

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How i can add more levels? any tutorial?


If you see the Level.as class in gameEngin you will see how the level created. you must sketch it on paper then try to draw it on stage to know places location. and then multiply each location with 2 for physics world, then start do what I did in level class.


if you stuck in somewhere I can help you :)

Seems that when you pass the level 9, you click the next level , the gameengin stoped. Can we limit user to click the next level button if there no next level.


go to end screen class
and at line 43 in method resetScreen()
add this
if (Main.levelNum == 9) nextLevelBtn.visible = false; else nextLevelBtn.visible = true;

So far a neat and fun game, I like the physics…

But I encountered several issues:

1. If I cause the ‘object’ to drop straight on the ground without it going in the box, the ‘Next Level’ option still appears and when its clicked it actually continues to the next level.

2. In the initial moment of Level 2, the ‘ball’ automatically rolls slowly to the right and eventually drops in the box without doing anything, yet it still continues to next level and says “Amazing Job”! LoL.

3. When you click on the ‘object’(jewel) it begins the ‘smoke/cloud’ animation, frame by frame from each proceeding click.

4. After unsuccessful attempt(Fail), I quickly click on ‘Levels’ before the ‘Fail’ appears and it proceeds to ‘Level selection’, but the ‘Fail’ still appears. While the Level selection shows, you can click ‘Next level’ and it will load next level, but the Level selection still remains in view and if you click on a level, it will load that level’s contents into the current level… which it also produces more(double) content(with two ‘jewels’) and speeds up time(clock) rate, LoL.

5. The Audio/Music buttons seem swapped, and the ‘music note’ doesn’t apply initial settings correctly.

Question: Is it suppose to be ‘July’ or ‘Jaly’? ..because it shows ‘July’ in the game, but the title on the page shows ‘Jaly’. (which is it?)

Anyway, it seems that a bit more improvement and ‘tweaking’ is needed…

Keep it up ;)


Thank you very much for your quick Q.A , these comments must be changed ASAP and I will reupload it.


I did all your comments, I wait the approve. :)


But how could I tell to all people who PURCHASED, there are updates?

Dears the new modifications are set, please check them Regards.

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Works well on computer but using it on a smartphone or iPad it goes very slowly do you plan to make modifications using “Citrus Engine” with Starling and Box2D ? So the Game can use the GPU.

I bought it and I’m sad to see that it’s not playable on smartphone and iPad.

Hope you you will work on it thanks


Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that, but I you check the descriptions of game there is a link for APK file that you can test it on Android and see the performance and decide if it fine with you or not. I will create another application not recent time using Nape and Starling to same application and when I finish it i will let you know.

For now I can give a hand in this, First convert all Vectors to images ( PNG ) second reduce number of dynamic objects on stage. That will make game faster. For any help I will be ready.

Nice game…;)


Thanks ;-)

Great music!


Thank you :)

When i export the file it doesn’t work, i don’t know why ? I use Cs6 and export to the LIB folder


Please make sure you put all needed files with swf to work

Can you support me how to fix this issue. I meet this one “WARNING: Actions on button or MovieClip instances are not supported in ActionScript 3.0. All scripts on object instances will be ignored.”



Hi, did you add any action script on a button or on a movieclip like as AS2.0 because in actionscript 3.0 don’t support such thing!

It is possible to not use xml files so the swf doesn’t require external loading?


Yes, as freelance work!


Please PM me quote


can we please discuss this on email please send me an email to aliawadaburas@yahoo.com

Is this html 5? I need this in html 5


This game is FLASH game!