Scalable XML Driven 3D Image/Product Gallery

A Versatile Scalable XML Driven 3D Image/Product Gallery for displaying sets of images or products that can include a description, file and a URL link. It includes two 3D layout systems for the thumbnails, 360 circular system and a wall system of thumbs. 3D environment is created by using Papervision 3D engine so the SWF can be published for Flash 9+.


Since it scales perfectly from full screen all the way to 700px width and 450px height you can use it as a full browser of fullscreen image/product gallery as well as embed it in a existing website as a banner rotator like image/product viewing application.

The gallery is highly scalable and repositions all the user interface elements to fit any screen as well as resizes the full image and the thumbnails accordingly.


All the image loading is accompanied with visual representation of the loading process.

A preloader is included so you can preload the gallery and the background image dynamically and set it up in XML .


Once the user selects a thumbnail he is presented with a slideshow system which allows him to browse to the next and previous full images without going back to the 3D thumbnails. The arrows indicating the next and previous image also serve as representations of the loading process of the next and previous image. The user can also press play in the slideshow panel to let the images autoplay in sequence with a delay you can specify inside of the XML file.


You can enable 2D thumbnails so that the user can browse through a row of 2D thumbnails also when in the full image view for easier access even when the slideshow is enabled.


All the paths to images, thumbs, links and files along with descriptions and titles of the images are easily set up in the XML file.

A lot of properties of the gallery can be easily set up in the XML file including a shadow for the full image view, a blur for the slideshow transition, adding smoothing to the thumbnails, changing the cubes into planes for better performance, radius of the 360 thumbnail system, number of images in a row in the wall layout, slideshow delay, info panel delay etc.