The Scorch MP3 Player is a compact player driven by an easy-to-modify XML file. This player features a flame effect that is dynamically created from the music’s actual sound waveform.

Seven pre-programmed color schemes are included: fire (orange), jade (green), sapphire (blue), scarlet (red), solar (yellow), amethyst (violet), and ice (white).

The XML file includes your list of MP3 tracks and the following settings:
  • vizColor – Color scheme for the waveform visualization/volume bar
  • initVolume – initial volume setting at load time
  • autoPlayOn – specifies if playback begins at load time
  • randomStartTrack – specifies if the first track to be played is randomly chosen

MP3 artist name and song title are obtained from the ID3 metadata embedded in your MP3 files. (Only the filename/location needs to be entered into the XML track listing.)

All graphics are vector graphics and are resizable. MP3 player is contained in its own movieclip, just drag-and-drop into your project.

FLA file in CS3 format – coded in ActionScript 3.0 – OK to publish for Flash Player 9 or higher.

(Note: MP3 music tracks used in the preview are NOT included in the downloadable files.)

10/15/09 UPDATE!
A couple of minor bugs were resolved and a new feature was added. A loading percentage was added to the track display as a visual confirmation when a large MP3 file is being loaded.

12/10/09 UPDATE!
A minor bug was resolved to correct erratic volume behavior occurring when the initial volume setting in the XML was set to any value less than 100.

5/10/10 UPDATE!
A problem with viewing this file in Firefox was resolved.