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Scrolling Gallery

Scrolling Gallery

This is a horizontally scrolling Flash gallery that when clicked can show enlarged images and videos. Each enlarged version can show additional long text descriptions.

File Features

  • Gallery uses XML for all content
  • Can have unlimited thumbnails
  • Can load large versions of images or videos (jpg, gif, png, swf, flv, f4v are supported)
  • Images and videos can have long descriptions
  • ScrollWheel support (PC only)
  • Can Drag & Drop into your Flash project
  • Flash 8+
  • ActionScript 2.0

XML Example

<window  picture="images/image2.jpg">
    <title><![CDATA[<b>Image Title</b>]]></title>
    <caption><![CDATA[Short text info]]></caption>
    <longdescription><![CDATA[Long text info]]></longdescription> 

Each thumbnail that is loaded is contained in a <window> tag.

The picture=”” attribute is what loads the thumbnail
The title and caption display as text blow the thumbnail
The asset is the large version that is displayed when the thumbnail is clicked. You can have SWF, JPG, GIF, PNG, FLV, F4V formats.
Longdescription is the text information that is displayed when the enlarged version is active

Using in Flash

To use in your project, you can loadMovie the SWF as it is, or you can drag ‘n’ drop the scrollingGallery_mc movie clip into your stage.

All of the ActionScript is located inside scrollingGallery_mc

Thumbnail Sizes

The thumbnail sizes are fixed at 520×293

Download the font used in this file.