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Seek the differences

Seek the differences

Spot the differences! Both sides of the screen are a little different…


  • Well-documented: Read-me PDF included.
  • Easy-to-use level creation with instructions in the Read-me.
  • Resizability: application will scale to the size of the images used
  • Toggleable title text
  • The differences will be randomized across both screens. Random but balanced, so not too many differences appear on one side of the screen.
  • Particle effects
  • Debug mode

    Editable in XML

  • Path to images of the levels
  • Path to sounds
  • Hide mouse (yes/no)
  • Use sound (yes/no)
  • Use title (yes/no)
  • Positioning of elements

    Example: creating a level

  • Design a level. Put all the differences on the layers and the background on a layer. The PSD file of the first level is included for reference.
  • Export this image as “level_name_differences.jpg”.
  • Using the Photoshop layers, hide any differences so only the pure background remains, which stays constant on both screens.
  • Export this image as “level_name_clear.jpg”.
  • The last step is to create an image with hitfields. These are the places that are mouse sensitive and will trigger a difference. Though not completely necessary, best results are given when the image is binary: only fully white (#FFFFFF) and black (#000000). Make sure each hitfield is a clearly defined region.
  • Export this image as “level_name_hitmap.jpg”.

    How does this work?

    The program will look for ‘islands’ in this hitfield picture and mark each individual island as a new difference.

    Using hitfields means you will not need to bother with manual positioning of differences or counting how many differences there are — the program handles it all for you!

    A debug mode is included to help you ensure everything has gone right.

    Sound effect by Erratic from freesound.org

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