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With who?

PayPal, yes.

You’ll need a PayPal account to use this store.

Though you’re customers can checkout with any major Credit/Debit and do not need to create a PayPal account to make purchases.

Nice job again Flash.

You should do a media Store…...Video. Mp3, Photo

Technically, you can do that exact thing with this store as it loads a .swf for the video player.

You can also load .jpgs for photo’s, and a single .swf that plays an .mp3 or an entire cd/album of mp3’s.

How can I change the font size?

You would have to open the .fla and change each text area one at a time.

A lot of work goes into each file.

Thanks for purchasing.

I dont mean to be a pain, but is there a way to change the font size in the product desc. catagory in the xml? you can also email me at info@mobilecleanse.com. thanks for all your help! btw, great product!

I got this bookmarked and am deff going to purchase in the future because it is something I will use.

Can I ask why you skimped on Player Controls? A Scrub bar and forward/back buttons for an option to play videos one after the other would be good.

Sorry for the double post but I forgot to mention.

In version two can you put categories from a menu…dropdown or along the bar on top.

Here’s my next file in the que: DEMO

Sorry, here’s the correct link.

Here’s my next file in the que: DEMO

midnightjackson: thanks for purchasing, you’ve got mail.

eirehotspur: I didn’t skimp on the controls, lol.

I simply don’t yet know how to add a scrubber bar.

Also, If you have purchased one of my XML carts with categories and understand how they are setup, I believe you could do the same thing here.

Cheers, Falsh_Cart.

hello, this might have already been above but how easy would it be to add categories of videos?

also, where’s the thumbnails? how hard would it be to add thumbnails to the list of files?

Pretty challenging to add the thumbnails without extensive prior Flash n XML knowledge.

To add a few categories might be a bit easier if you purchase one of my other carts with the 3 category buttons as it contains the same action script plus contains the category buttons.

Regards, Flash_Cart

This looks great, but is there a search facility with the video cart? If a lot of videos are loaded, then customers will need a means to find what they require.

Can you use jpg (images) or swfs instead of movies? Can this be set up to use as a shopping cart for anything besides movies/videos?


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Thanks ZonadeArte.

This is pretty safe as far as people being able to rip of videos?

and a scrub bar would definitely be a must for video tutorials as people need to be able to go back in case they missed something, otherwise they will get really frustrated.


@ksawatzky: Yes, it is pretty safe. Flash is a great tool for setting up a line of defense against people ripping your content.